<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/46/68/60/01/190105025189.jpg?t=1600502348"><br>We would love to build you a custom home! We can build a single family or a duplex on this property, a great investment opportunity!! Call today for a free estimate! The pricing of this home includes our typical features: 2x6 exterior framing, R23 insulation, stucco and stone (can also do hardie board), custom tile bathrooms, custom shelving layouts in closets, custom electrical plans, custom cabinetry, custom fireplace, etc. We help you budget to put your money in the most important features to you, we can add or delete features as you desire! Photos from previous homes built and do not reflect what is currently on this lot. We haven't begun building a home yet and we can build any floor plan you want or help you design one. The sign on the lot will help you identify where the lot is, the GPS gets you close.<br>